Mauve Corporate Systems together with The Point of Contact are providers of Worldwide Expatriate Services & Solutions.
Our mission is to provide Consultants with a reliable and Professional Service for Compliant Taxation and Immigration solutions, to also provide the Agencies and End Clients with the security and peace of mind that they are protected and supported in any requested Compliancy issues.
Mauve have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the key questions, concerns and specific needs involved in the process of working and living abroad.

We have built our reputation over a period of ten years by providing our services to the contracting industry in most countries around the globe. This has given us the experience to provide solutions to more than 1000 consultants worldwide, at any one time.
Mauve has become a leader in the current marketplace of Management Companies, and we pride ourselves on our enviable reputation of providing a speedy, thorough and efficient service.

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To direct, monitor and control all accounting & tax related activities which includes, but not limited to, the following:
1. recording and processing data of financial transactions in a timely manner;
2. compliance with tax regulations, including reporting and payment obligations;
3. tax planning;
4. cash flow planning;
5. financial management & reporting; and
6. internal controls in order to ensure all transactional information is recorded and posted accurately and timely, and in compliance with the prevailing tax and accounting principles and standard.

Produce an annual Tax & Accounting Department’s plan and budget and ensure an effective use of the allocated budget, in order to support the department’s activities effectively and efficiently.
Support Office Manager in the execution of annual budgeting process and monthly reporting
Regular review of existing standard operating procedures (SOP) in conducting accounting, recording and posting activities that comply with and strictly adhere to company’s procedures and policies, monitor the implementation of such SOP and make any necessary revision as required by the applicable norm/ law, so as to provide up-to-date SOP in performing transactional accounting activities that is in line with industry standards and international accounting norm, principles and tax regulation.
Direct, coordinate, and monitor all accounting activities (i.e. petty cash, journal entries, payroll, etc), ensure all revenues and expenditures are appropriately recorded and posted along with appropriate supported transaction documents (i.e. receipts, company’s appropriate form, etc), in a timely manner, in order to minimize errors and to support financial reporting activity.
Coordinate and monitor accounting closing activities, to ensure that the financial books are closed timely and correctly by reconciling and consolidating properly, so as to generate regular financial & accounting reports for management in compliance with the company’s policy and the accounting principles.
Analyze company’s monthly financial, accounting & tax report.
Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports to management, shareholders, and other relevant party timely and accurately.
Plan and implement efficient tax strategy, through reviewing prevalent tax provisions and identifying area of opportunities and exemption when applicable, in order to ensure the effective and efficient cost to the company.
Monitor, review, and calculate tax implication from company activity, consult with tax consultant if necessary, to ensure the calculation is in compliance with the applicable laws/ regulations.
Regularly pay the correct payment of tax and submit tax-collected report to the government tax office, to ensure tax liabilities are paid timely and properly recorded, thereby meeting government regulation and minimizing late payment penalty.
Keep abreast of changes/updates in accounting standards and tax regulation.
Keep abreast of new system / method / programs and develop team’s knowledge and skill in the area of taxation & accounting, in order to provide optimum support in performing taxation and accounting activities, as well as to provide tax & accounting related advice to others whenever needed/ required.

Minimum education, training, experience, or skills :
Max 30 years Old
S-1 degree major Accounting with GPA min 3.00
Experience min 5 years as Accounting & Tax including 2 Years as Asst. Manager
Understand accounting process & procedure
Understood how to handle TAX (PPN/PPH 21/23,26,25,29)
Having Brevet A, B & C certificate & knowledge in taxation
Computer Literate and understanding about finance and accounting
Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadline
Proficient in English (oral & written) is essential

Send Your application, CV, and recent photograph to: